Has Pandemic in 2020 come to teach the lesson of 50:50?

By Julia Fernandes


Something really amazing struck me recently. If you take the figure 2020 and completely invert it upside down (see image below), and hold it in front of a mirror, 2020 actually looks like 5050. I found it odd as well as intriguing. I asked myself what does this 5050 signify in view of the pandemic?




Then I got the answer. We often use the phrase 50:50 when we want to emphasize fairness and equality. Figuratively speaking, the year 2020 has literally turned our world upside down. When we mirror our new inverted reality as number 5050, the hidden message from the universe cries out loud and clear; MAN needs to be EQUAL, FAIR and BALANCED.


The pandemic in the year 2020 is telling us that all of God’s creations have 50:50 (equal) rights of existence. Animals, birds, forests, oceans, plant life – all have equal rights over the use of resources of our planet. It seems as though the earth is on a self-correcting process bringing things back into balance and equity (50:50). It seems as though the hidden theme of year 2020 is balance.


Kingdom of God is upside down

The upside down world of ours is not as bad as we see it if we look at what the Bible tells us. When we recite the Lord’s prayer don’t we say, “Your kingdom come...?” But, did you know the kingdom of God is upside down?


For example to become a leader one has to be a servant. If you want to lead you got to serve first (Matthew 20:25-28). Jesus goes a step further and says the first will be last and the last will be first (Matthew 19:30).


He even reveals his kingdom is not of this world because he knew our world was not of a high spiritual order. Sin lends a different texture to a world making it no longer good, holy and pure.


Hence, don’t be too alarmed if our world has temporarily been turned upside down. Just remember this hymn:


O Lord, all the world belongs to You

And You are always making all things new.

What is wrong, You forgive,

And the new life You give

Is what’s turning the world upside down


There is a purpose for it all

2020 may have turned our world upside down, but this inverted reality is actually helping man, nature and biodiversity rediscover our natural spaces. Researchers cite that the lockdown can save more lives as compared to those who are affected by pollution. According to WHO, around seven million people lose their lives due to pollution.


Our so-called correct world may actually be very wrong. Modernization, industrialization, globalization, consumerism – things that we on earth deem as progress is actually viewed as decline in the spirit world. True progress is the spiritual progress we make towards our loving Creator.


Even our decaying moral values, our power-centric religious structures, our flawed and stressed-based education system, the over emphasis on success, money, power – is all wrong. All the earthly things, laws, rules that govern or matter in this world – are turned upside down in the kingdom of God.


Upside down cosmic rays

Even science has an explanation for an upside down world. In the year 2016, a team led by Peter Gorham from the University of Hawaii, US, in an experiment conducted in Antarctica, discovered some cosmic particles coming from the ground suggesting the evidence of an alternative reality where everything is upside down.


The experiment named, ANITA, consisted of a giant balloon circumnavigating Antarctica to detect cosmic rays that usually strike the ground from space. However, they detected signals that were exploding from the ground. To justify this signal requires the existence of an upside down universe created in the same big bang as our own and existing in parallel with it.


There is much more to what we know, understand about life, God and the functioning of universes.


Return of normalcy 

Even though I am no student of numerology, when you add 50 + 50, it works out to 100. Now what is unique about this? Well, it took China almost 100 days to return to normalcy. I computed this for the benefit of those who are extremely anxious as to when will things get back to normal.  




When I did a quick research of few countries, I found that it is surprisingly taking almost the same amount of time for countries to tide over the crisis. I arrived at the total number of days figure by counting the first day of reporting of each case in every country and the last day of lockdown.



Things will gradually return to normalcy, but life will not be the same again until and unless we don’t learn and incorporate the key lesson of (50:50) - BALANCE.


Our new upside down world may just be the beginning (birth pains) of the coming of the kingdom of God on earth!


God knows best and He is in control. 


Stay safe and blessed



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