How to recognize your true love?
By Julia Fernandes
January 3, 2013
Love is one the most over-rated and probably one of the toughest subjects to write on. And if the subject is on true love, it becomes even more daunting to understand and explain, much less write.
We live in times where love has lost its meaning. People move in and out of relationships that not only leave them emotionally depleted but also make them skeptical and stoic to the point of no longer believing in this emotion anymore. I have seen that in the case of many. Even when you lend meaning to love at that particular time, when it ends, even the meaning loses its rhyme.
Every emotional or love experience when viewed as a lesson always has something to teach you, to make you grow even though the process of growth may not be apparent at that time. Growth can never be seen, it can only be visible much later. 
So, how do you recognize your true love? How do you spot the right from all the wrongs? How do you know that this time it is IT? 
Missing rib
According to the Bible when God saw Adam lonely; he made him go into a deep sleep; took one of his ribs and created Eve. It is said that from that time every man has been searching for his missing rib. Only when you find the woman meant for you, you experience a sense of completeness, something that you have never felt before for the simple reason that you have finally found your missing rib.
You no longer feel the void in your self. And, conversely, when you hurt the woman meant for you, you will definitely feel the pain because you are hurting your very own rib. I wonder how many guys will buy that. Personally, I subscribe to this story. 
On Women’s Day few years back, I posted this status on Facebook. I wrote: All that I was, am and will be represents a part of that man whose missing rib I am. Needless to say it did drew a lot of criticism from many including men.
I did the unthinkable. On a day like Women’s Day, I gave tribute to that man whom I had not yet met, seen or known, yet I knew in my heart that my glory comes from belonging to him and being a part of him.
The book of Tobit (Bible) reveals how Sarah was destined by God for Tobias. "Do not be afraid, for she was destined for you from all eternity. You will save her and she will go with you." Such a profound and revealing statement, which means that yes; a woman can be destined for a particular man, that too from all eternity. For those guys who are not a one-woman man, this eternity part could be a bit intimidating.
But for those people who are a ‘one-man woman’ or a ‘one-woman man’ it could be straight from a fairytale story book – the happily forever after thing. To know that there is one person out there who fits you to a T is such a comforting fact to begin with. The search may, of course, make you date several wrong ones till the right one just breezily comes along and it feels so right that it makes you look foolish for having wasted your energy at the wrong places. Such is the magnetic pull and push of true love!!!  
One day while talking to one of my facebook friends on the subject of soulmates, he had this very beautiful train of thoughts to share with me, which I am so glad to share with my readers. It went something like this. 
“So, pray that the Lord deals with the heart of the one meant for you. Pray that the Lord may bless and guide him and protect him from all evils. After all, the guy is pre-destined for you and roams the earth somewhere. You might as well get down to loving him through the Lord already.
Pray that the Lord may align his body, mind heart and soul with yours so that when he meets you, he recognizes you as soul of his soul and flesh of his flesh and that he maintains that thought forever and you guys just grow into each other.”
These beautiful thoughts have today become a part of my prayer. The energy of surrender accomplishes much more than the energy of control. When we surrender our needs, desires and wants to the One on Top who knows us better than anybody in this world, great things happen.
And now that we are on prayer, let me forewarn my readers. God can sometimes take an awfully long time to lead the right person to you. He does it because He has a reason. The right man at the wrong time can be just as bad as the wrong man at any time. So, it is very important to trust in God’s timing.
When I get impatient with God, I am like, “Papa, do you know what is my age? Am 37!” And God is like, “Do you look 37?” I say no, He asks further, “Do you feel 37?” I again say no. “Then, just shut up Julia, and let me finish my job.” 
Sometimes, a waiting period is only to smoothen out the rough edges between two people so that when they meet they fit perfectly with each other.
So, to all those who believe in true love, here’s my wish that each person may find their yours truly only.
Good luck to all.