Cold, hard, wooden cross

By Julia Fernandes

April 4, 2012


Last Friday I had been to my church to attend the Stations of the Cross – special Lenten prayers that comprises of 14 stations that reflect the sufferings of Jesus right from the time he was condemned to death till the time he was buried in the tomb.


When I was seated in the Church, I was surprised to see a screen put up. I thought to myself maybe there will be a slideshow depicting each station followed by reflection and prayers. I was wrong. They began screening the movie of the crucifixion of Jesus.


The DVD of the movie ‘Passion of Christ’ is lying in my house from so many years but not once did I ever have the courage to watch it. Nobody is allowed to play it when I am around. Even though I know it is not real, still I could never muster the strength to watch the sufferings of Jesus.


And here I was sitting in the church with no option but to watch on a large screen a movie I avoided watching all these years. God really works in strange ways. I started squirming in my seat not knowing what to do. Luckily, we were sitting near the door. So, for most part of the movie I kept looking outside.


Each time I looked at the screen I could see Jesus covered in blood all over bearing unimaginable pain inflicted on him from his fierce executioners. He was whipped, stripped, mocked, back scourged, head crowned with thorns and finally nailed to the cross.


I just thought to myself, all this he went through only so that he could pay for our sins. God sent his only son in the world – sinless, without a stain of sin to save us, to teach us love and forgiveness for even as he died on the cross he forgave his murderers.


Today, when I look around nothing much has changed. All sorts of crimes, hatred, violence is carried out all over the world. When I look closer, our hearts are still hard. Broken relationships, disintegration of family bonds, lack of mutual love, trust and understanding, selfishness, cunningness still reign.


I just know one thing. No matter how negative the world turns we need to soften our hearts and love one another the way Jesus loves us. For, if there is anything that can truly save our souls, it is love and only love -- the same love that made God send His only beloved Son and the same love that made Jesus die for us on a cold, hard, wooden cross!