Why do we love Money?

By Julia Fernandes

August 19, 2011


God created man and man created money and money is now ruling man. It was man who assigned money its highest value. As a result of which, today, money stands out as the most desirable thing in the whole world. But, money has value only on earth; on all the other planets it has no value at all. I am sure if aliens visit our planet they would not even care for our money. In Heaven, too, money has zero value.


It is only man that loves money so much. Animals and birds are free from the cares and love of money. We don’t even realize that our lives revolve mostly around paper and metal that we call money. Money was invented as a means of facilitating exchange of goods and services. But, today, it has spiraled into something else altogether. Instead of keeping God as the nucleus in our lives we keep money at the centre of our lives, only because money calls the shots on earth.


Money can change us. And that is the most scary part. If you are good you can turn bad. It can corrupt you in ways you can never imagine. When one cannot earn by honest means, the love for money lures people to cheat, rob and even kill one another. Some realize this while others don’t. Money has become some sort of demi-god on earth. It has the highest potential to cause disruption even in the closest of close relationships.


When we die we leave all our cash and coins back here on earth. All the precious things which money can buy are left back on earth. We even leave our bodies behind. Only our souls accompany us. In Heaven, God surely does not check our bank balance, but He checks the balance of good deeds done on earth. He does not care how we spent our money; He will most likely ask how we spent our lives.


Man is dust and when we die we return to dust. Similarly, money is just paper. When it becomes old and soiled it returns to its original worth -- paper. As a consolation, we still have our soul that is eternal, but money has no soul. It remains just a body, and its importance is confined only to the four corners of the earth. Beyond this realm, nobody knows what the hell money is!


It is widely said that money is a necessary evil. That is wrong. Money is not bad. It is our attitude towards money -- one that of blindly pursuing and worshipping it -- that is bad. Give money just the importance it needs, not a penny more. Money takes care of our basic needs on earth. That is its only role. So, accord it the importance that commensurates with its role


We live in a deceptive world and money is one of the greatest deceptions. Money creates the illusion that it has the power to cater and meet all our needs. But we never realize our provider is somebody else. And that is God. This whole universe belongs to Him and every good thing comes from Him.


Earn money but don’t love it; respect money but don’t worship it. God can give you money but money cannot give you God. So, the greatest treasure worth pursuing is God and His love and not money. For when our time is up here, it is God’s face that you will be seeing in Heaven and not the face of money.

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