Suicidal? Don’t even think

By Julia Fernandes

October 11, 2012


Recently, the daughter of a well-known singer ended her life by committing suicide. According to a media report, the underlying cause of 70 percent of suicides is depression. For every suicide, around ten more attempted suicides would have occurred.


Not just that, even young students succumbing to educational pressures are ending their lives. Apparently, every hour six students commit suicide due to depression that is borne out of stress. But does committing suicide end your problem?


I would like to quote a passage from the book ‘The Laws of the Spirit World’ by Khorshed Bhavnagri.


“To end your life is the greatest harm you can cause to your soul. When these souls arrive in the spirit world they feel extremely dejected because they realize they have made a wrong decision.


Your body is your temple. It is given to you by God so that it can be healthy vehicle for your spirit. When you destroy that temple, you are rejecting life, the very essence of creation.


The real damage suicide causes is to your spirit. You add a great deal of negative karma to your soul. You will have to come back to Earth and face the same situations with double the intensity. Your tests and training becomes twice as hard.”


So, no matter what you are going through, ending your life should never cross your mind. Remember these lines:

  • Tests and hardships are present in our lives simply for the growth of our souls 
  • Everything passes away
  • Nothing lasts forever, not even bad times
  • Everybody has some problem or the other
  • Nobody is truly and always happy in this world not even the rich or successful
  • No matter what, ALWAYS PRAY
  • With God’s help you will be able to overcome every problem and hurdle in your life
  • There is always a reason for every struggle. Once you pass your test, you understand the higher purpose of your problem
  • We all have our respective spiritual missions in life 
  • Find your spiritual mission and complete it


Remember God Is Just A Prayer Away, You Are Never Alone


What You Become In Eyes Of This World Is Not Important

What You Become In The Eyes Of God – That Is Important


So, strive to be a good human being first, serve others selflessly and live a good life.


Wishing you a happy life…


God bless you…