Stay close to God – The Source
By Julia Fernandes
July 3, 2013
I see many people struggling in their lives dealing with problems, conflicts and situations beyond their capacity to understand and handle. As a result, most often we crack up when we try to control the things that are actually uncontrollable. 
If you can deal with a problem or situation without it affecting your peace of mind – great, hats off. But if you feel you cannot handle a problem with your available physical, mental or emotional strength, leave it aside.
Depression and other anxiety disorders arise when we try to fix things up with not sufficient resources within us. So, what do you do? Simple.
Go to the Source. Yes, go to God and take your situation and problem alongwith it. Why God? God is the source of all courage and strength. God is the source of everything that is Good. Tap into this source for all your needs. If you want guidance, courage, strength, wisdom – God has it all. You just need to ask.
From my observations of people around me, I have realized that nobody is born strong. We all come out frail, delicate, vulnerable and wailing from the depths of our little lungs. 
In other words, nobody in this world is invincible – physically, mentally or emotionally. If today you are strong, tomorrow you can become weak. If today you are weak, tomorrow you can gain strength.
The sun does not rise permanently nor does it set permanently for anyone. Hence, it is very important to always be humble and stay close to God – the Source from where we have all come. You are safe with Him.
When you become weak, don’t worry – God will replenish you with renewed strength.
When you become strong, be humble – and thank God and use your strength to help others.