Tired? Take rest, says God
By Julia Fernandes
September 18, 2012
(When am tired and low, I usually seek solace with God -- whom I also address as Papa – the source from where we all have come. The result is a candid and short chat between God and me).
Me: I am just tired.
God: Tired of what?
Me: Tired of living, working, running around, catching up on changing feelings, thoughts, events and time. Tired of striving for hope. Sometimes, I feel as if I have no control and life is just dragging me along.
God: Hmnnn…wait a minute. Let me just do an earth check.
(I waited for 10 minutes that went on to almost half an hour. I could not wait long and I asked God)
Me: Why did you take so long to check the Earth? I mean you being God; you can check everything in nano-second?
God (with a smile): Exactly, that’s the point. Man is running very fast, where is he going even I don’t know. The earth is moving at its normal speed. It is man that has changed. Trust me, when I created man, I had no inkling that he would one day want to become superman! 
When man attempts to become superman, what happens is that your body and mind is trying to compress a hundred thoughts, feelings, actions, goals in a limited period of time.
Me: But, life is moving fast…
God: Nope. Life is not moving fast. Man has made it to move fast. Man wants everything instant. Happiness, pleasure, goals, dreams – all should actualize immediately. Man has invented so many things. 
Life has become easy, paradoxically; man is not at ease with himself or with his surroundings. Everything is consumed fast, even information. When things are consumed fast, nothing is left – and that brings the feeling of emptiness.
Me: So, how what should we do?
God: Detach yourself from the feeling of wanting to pack a hundred things in a single day. There is always a tomorrow. Do not fret if in a single day you have done nothing. Nothing is also important. Nothing brings space – in your life – and that space is needed to accommodate the rigors of another hectic day. When you are tired, take rest. A field that rests always gives good crops.
God continued with a smile: Take rest from everything – not just work, but your dreams, desire, feelings, thoughts, etc. Do not get scared if the world whizzes past you and you feel you are left behind. The world will come back to where you were standing. That is why I made the world round. Nobody really goes anywhere….:)

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