Good doctor or God doctor?

By Julia Fernandes

September 15, 2011


'God is the best doctor in the world!'’ -- Julia Fernandes


Doctors are special people not because they have the ability to cure but because they have the gift of healing given by none other than God. True, they learn and acquire medical knowledge and expertise, but the gift of healing comes directly from God. It is He who cures us of our ailments through the medium of specially-talented people we call as doctors.


Our human body and mind is highly complex. Sometimes, things are not always what they seem. No matter how many years of experience a doctor has there will be always be new and challenging symptoms a patient will exhibit that can baffle the best doctor in the world. There will be new diseases, new symptoms not found or researched in any medical textbook.


Hence, at all times a doctor needs to pray to God for bestowing the grace and ability of rightly diagnosing and treating the most challenging medical cases. For only God who knows everything can enlighten the dark areas of undiagnosed and complicated medical ailments.


If you are a doctor practicing allopathy and if you are in the knowledge that the allopathic medicines is causing very bad side effects, doing more harm than good to the patient, you can encourage the patient to try alternative medicines. Or, if you are a homeopathic doctor and if you know that your medicine is unable to cure a critical patient, say a patient whose persistent high-grade fever is not coming down with your pills, please do not hesitate to recommend that patient to an allopathic doctor. Your timely recommendation to an allopathic doctor can, in all probability, save someone’s life.


It is common knowledge that there is no stream of medicine that is perfect in the world. Every stream of medicine has its advantages and disadvantages. I can understand a doctor’s affinity towards their own stream of medicine they are practicing. Having said that, at the same time, it is very important for doctors to not look down or degrade other forms of medicine. God has hidden medicinal properties in all the natural ingredients we use daily. So, as a doctor one should respect that element.


The true victory of a doctor does not lie in the efficacy of the medicines he/she is giving to the patient being treated. It lies in the recovery of the patient -- irrespective of the form of medicine he or she has taken. There are cases when some medicines will just not work. Acknowledging the failure of your medicines is not equivalent to your failure as a doctor. When one form of medicines fails there could be another form of medicine that could probably cure the ailment.


Once you learn this simple truth and guide your patients correctly, you will move beyond the call of duties as a Good doctor and emerge as a God doctor!