We live in a strange world
By Julia Fernandes
March 26, 2013
We live in a strange world where:
  • Pain is so soul-piercing that it leaves you numb for words.
  • The person who really knows your worth is the one who lets you down the harshest way.
  • The one we call endearing names turns around to abuse us.
  • The one we love and pray for hurts us the most.
  • The one who knows your purity doubts your honesty.
  • The one who is the kindest gets treated the worst.
But then this is the same world where:
  • Jesus was not believed to be the saviour – the messiah
  • He was falsely accused of so many things
  • He was stripped of his garments
  • He was crowned with thorns
  • He was mocked, beaten and abused
  • And finally, He was crucified
Indeed, a strange world we live in…!!!
When Jesus who was all-good and without sin was not spared, what chance then do we have in a world so cold and cruel?
The best we can do is unite our suffering, humiliation, pain, hurt, with Jesus and when He resurrects we, too, shall find our own little glory in His glory. 

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