Death takes you to your real home
By Julia Fernandes
July 5, 2012
“Death, to put it simply, is just going back from where we came from.” – Julia Fernandes
Last month I lost a close relative who expired in an untimely and sudden manner. In the month of May he had paid a visit to our house, chatted and spoke to us. Few weeks later we got the news that he has slipped into coma all a sudden. He never did recover and he peacefully passed away.
The mystery of life starts with two points – birth and death. We have all the time in the world to figure out all that happens between life and death. Yet, nobody knows why we are born and nobody knows when we will die! 
None of us get scared when we are going to be born, for we do not know what is happening. But, all of us get scared of death, because we know it is our end. Death, to put it simply, is just going back from where we came from. If we have lived a good life, we need not fear anything. 
I see many people living their life as if they know all their tomorrows. Mundane things like work, day-to-day problems, and a whole lot of issues seem to occupy such an important part of their life. We are so caught up in the business of our daily living that we seldom realize that anytime we can be no more. All our issues, plans, dreams will all turn to dust.
Do not postpone living. Relish each day by looking at the beautiful things that God has provided for us. When you get up in the morning, feel grateful that today you can look at the blue sky, chirping of birds, trees, flowers, for a day will come when you will not be able to look at all this anymore.
Be good, be kind, be loving, to every soul you come in contact with. You may not see these people tomorrow. Listen to your favourite music, sing or hum a song for no reason. You don’t have to be happy to sing a song. Just break into an impromptu dance atleast once a day; you don’t need an occasion to dance. If you can move your hands and legs that is enough reason to dance!
Express. Express to your loved ones, thank them for being a part of your life. If you cannot say it verbally say it with thoughtful gestures. 
Pray. Take time to talk to God, share all that you want to say without any fear. God actually listens to everything that you say.
Laugh. Laugh over a good joke, laugh till your belly hurts. 
Death does not mean the end. It simply means a life in another world, a world thousand times better than ours. If your soul has learnt to live on Earth nicely, you will be able to extend this meaningful living in a new world – which is nothing but our real home!