Emotional Einsteins?
By Julia Fernandes
August 4, 2012
Finding how you feel is tough; understanding why you feel is even tougher; accepting it is the toughest. And just when you have begun accepting how you feel, your emotional landscape changes and you again go through the process of finding, understanding, and finally accepting the new emotions that arise within you! What happened to the old emotions? God only knows! 
Till today, I have not come across any person who is an emotional Einstein – a person who understands the A to Z of the entire spectrum of emotions. A good part of our life is spent in trying and understanding our own emotions, much less of others.
No matter how emotionally intelligent you are, there will be times when what you feel will surprise you. Nothing is static in this universe. There are constant changes happening in the cosmos of which we, too, are a part of. So, also, with our emotions. 
Today, you may feel something beautiful and believe it. Ten or fifteen years down the line, you may or may not feel the same. Why? Nobody knows. People say you outgrow your feelings, but, not always. With the passage of time, some feelings whither away on their own while some grow stronger. 
You hold on to some feelings you never thought you would ever hold on to for so long. It is just one of the many surprises of life. Accept it. It is OK if you don’t know why. Sometimes, emotions you thought were long dead and gone suddenly resurface in your life. And you realize nothing much has really changed inside you.
Do not hate yourself for what you feel. Be kind and soft to yourself. But, yes, be on alert for strong negative feelings. That is detrimental for your long-term physical as well as emotional health.
I don’t think when God created us, He expected us to understand all the mysteries of life. He expected us to work, live, love and be happy. Conflicts start when we try to understand things and that include emotions beyond our control, scope and ability. The Bible puts it beautifully, Sirach 3:21: “Don't try to understand things that are too hard for you, or investigate matters that are beyond your power to know.”
For, God did not intend any one of us to be an emotional Einstein!

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