The Greatest Dad – God
By Julia Fernandes

June 16, 2012


Tomorrow is Father’s Day. When I think of Fathers, Dads, Papas, I can only think of the greatest father in this whole universe – and that is our beloved Universal Father – God Almighty. This short note is a tribute to that Dad, Papa, Abba whom nobody has ever seen or met, yet have experienced his profound and unmatched love and care.


God is not your regular father; He is much more than that. If you anytime want a piggy ride on His back, just ask and He will take you on a ride. Especially in moments, when life has drained you of all your strength and you can no longer walk on your own just tell God, “Hey Papa, I am tired. Can you give me a piggy ride on your back till I reach my next destination?” Trust me, God will immediately pick you up and put you on His back.


No matter how heavy you or your problems are, our beloved Father has the best and the broadest shoulders in the world. Neither your weight nor your problems are too heavy for Him. He will gladly carry you on his shoulders and drop you when you are ready to walk on your own again. A piggy ride on God’s back means you can see the whole picture through His eyes, including your own life!


He is the only real, powerful Dad in this whole Universe. There can be no father more influential than Him. He has commands over the earth, water, land and air. God’s toys are not like earth toys. If you really believe, our beloved Dad can bring down the moon and the stars for you.


Such is His power and might. It all depends on your belief. The stronger your belief, the greater things our Dad will do for us, things that we have never imagined! Like I read somewhere, God’s gifts can put man’s best dreams to shame.


Whenever I feel down and out, I go out to my balcony and just call out to our Heavenly Father who comes in a jiffy. I know that He is there, because His presence brings an unusual calmness in my surroundings. At once I am at peace with myself.


Whether it is guidance, help, or a simple hug, all you have to do is simply call out to our Divine Papa, and He will be there. He will reveal His presence in the most astounding ways, something which you will never find written in any book or preached in any sermon.


While our Earth fathers give us pocket money, our Heavenly father gives us pocket graces to last till we go to him for more. Our dads may chart our education and career paths, but it is our real Dad from above that allows it come to fruition if it is right for us. If it is not right for us, God plans something far better for us. For you see, fathers can make mistakes in choices, but not God. He is way too perfect for errors.


Lucky are those who have got nice and caring fathers, but even luckier are those who have never received father’s love or who have less than perfect fathers for those people experience the richness and beauty of the love, care and concern of the greatest Dad in the Universe – our God.