Thank yourself

By Julia Fernandes

June 8, 2012


A few months while I was sitting all alone, after a shower, drying my hair, a thought came across my mind. Less of a thought and more of a spontaneous gesture, I must say. As I wiped my hair, I became aware of my brain and began thanking it for the continuous and amazing work it has done and continues to do for me of co-ordinating with my whole system.


I then went on to touch my hair and thanked it for being a beautiful part of my life. And like this, I began thanking every single part of my body, right from my eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, heart, liver, lungs, hands, legs for the roles they have played and continue to play in my life.


I did this for around ten minutes and after ten minutes I experienced tremendous joy and peace. It was as if the parts of my body were yearning for that recognition and thanks. I felt truly one in body, mind, heart and soul. It was a beautiful Me moment.


People always say it is important to connect to your heart and soul. But nobody has ever told us the importance of connecting with your own body. I am not a medical student, neither have I studied medicine. But I do know one simple rule. Anything that is alive will always respond to the healing power of love.


When you say thanks to all the parts of your body, you are simply sending out love to them, which in turns has a healing and calming effect on them. Right from the smallest artery to the biggest vein, every part of your body is important. The parts of our body work for us. A simple and loving thanks should be their due.


Our bodies are given to us a vehicle for our spirit. It is our duty then to respect, nourish and value this temple given to us.


If you are chain smoker, say sorry to your lungs, if you are an alcoholic you need to say sorry to your liver. Do not take anything for granted. Late night parties deprive your body of precious sleep. Overeating, overworking -– all leads to the gradual destruction of your own body. Just because it is your body itdoes not mean when you can abuse it. Everything is given to us. 


Before being kind and nice to the world, we need to be kind and nice to our own selves. Before loving the world, we need to learn to love and value our selves. And you can start by acknowledging your life as a God-given gift and begin by thanking your own self starting with your body!