Serious chat with God

By Julia Fernandes

February 7, 2013


God: “Julia, were you like desperately looking out for me? Is everything fine, coz you have driven me to the edge of Heaven with your prayers and supplications?


Me (serious and all): “Yes, I am looking out for you, Papa.”


God (with a smile): “Again, the funny questions and funny interview?”


Me (with a grim look): “No, Papa, this time I want some major answers. So, be prepared for some serious questions from my side.”


God (the smile deepens further as if God knows what I am going to ask): “Ok, come on my little child, bring them on.”


Me: The first question is what do we do when thing go horribly wrong? What do we do when things don’t make any sense? What do we do when our faith and beliefs are on the line of fire? How do we discern the right from the wrong, Papa? How do…


God (interrupts): “Ok..hang on..that is too much of questions at one go,Julia. Let’s tackle it one by one.


Me (with a resigned look): “Ok”


God: Right. Now first things first. Remember this Julia, all good things come from me and when I say all I mean all – every good thing that makes you happy, contented and fulfilled in life comes only and only from me – for I am God. Now, to your question. When things go wrong, always remember it is not my doing. It does not come from Heaven. So, logically what it means?


Me (with an intense look): “Ummmm”


God: “It means it comes from the work of the angel of darkness.The devil brings disorder in people’s lives. But, keep this in mind, even when your world has become topsy-turvy, I have the sovereignty and the power to workout everything for the best. I can take the worst that happens to you and change it for the best – only when you don’t lose your faith in me.”


God continues: “I can use the ugly that happens to you and make it the most beautiful thing you will ever find in your life. So, never lose hope. When things fail to make sense, don’t panic, don’t obsess, don’t fret, don’t worry.When you are confused and unsure, do nothing, just wait. Let the worst case scenario play out. Just continue to pray and see what wonders I work in your life. Prayers are your only tools for protection, guidance and deliverance.”


God: “Can I just take a sip of water, please?”


Me: “Yes, Papa by all means.”


God: “Thank you, dear”


God (done with the glass of water): “Ok, now to your other question. How to discern the right from the wrongs?


God continues: “Very simple answer Julia. The right things are the ones that happen without any strain or difficulty. Because it is right, it flows into our lives effortlessly. So, anything that happens seamlessly is right and good. Never ever question it. Conversely, when you have to force to make things happen, you are going against the natural ebb of the universe. And when you go against the flow, it means you are on the wrong path. Simple na…”


Me: “Ok, point noted. And what about when our faith and beliefs are questioned, what do we do then?


God: “ the first place you got to first identify the source of what has questioned or challenged your faith and beliefs? Always remember this; deception is the way the devil works. He loves to deceive people through any medium. The sphere of Satan’s operation is in a man’s mind, his line of thoughts.


Me (interrupting): “Sorry to interrupt you, Papa. But can you just outstretch your legs?”


God (with a surprised look): “Ya sure, but why?”


Me: “Papa, you got such strong legs, why can’t you just kick the devil out of this universe and make life easy for us and for all?”


God (with a smile): “Yes, I could make things easy and all. But I have not done that. A test of faith is one of the biggest and one of the most regular tests in any person’s life. When your prayers are questioned, it is a challenge of your faith whether you hold on to it especially at times when you are standing on shaky ground or whether you believe it is all wrong and false.”


God continues: “Finally, it all boils down to what you choose to believe.I am God. I can never ever be wrong; I will never misguide my children. So,when your beliefs come under attack, just stay close to me baby and no wrong will ever touch you. When that hour and time has gone, I will restore all that you have lost and then things will all be good and fine. Wait for the bigger picture to emerge, then everything will make perfect sense.”


I move closer to God…


God (with a broad smile): “Stupid girl, I said stay close to me in prayers and thoughts. Anyways, come here. Right now you could do with a warm, Fatherly hug.”


God hugs me and plants a kiss on my forehead as tears stream down my eyes.


God: “Bye sweetheart, and don’t worry everything will be fine. If you can bring me to the edge of Heaven, trust me, girl, you can drive the evil one to the edge of the earth. I don’t need to kick him; I want people to kick him out by choosing light over darkness.”


God: “I love you, baby.”


Me: “I love you, too Papa.”


God: “And hey, I did not just enjoy this interview. Bring me the funny and silly questions next time. I’d like that side of my child.”


And saying so, God bids adieu and leaves for His beautiful home….