Understanding is as important as Love
By Julia Fernandes
August 7, 2014
“I understand you to the extent I love you; the more I love you the better I understand you.” – Julia Fernandes
Most people emphasize on love being a crucial factor in any relationship. While love is important, yes, understanding in a relationship takes on an unprecedented importance of its own. In many cases I have seen its understanding those little things that prevent many a relationship from hitting sour notes.
While love is all about giving, understanding is all about holding back – pausing, holding your thoughts till you get a clear picture. More often than not things are not always what they seem. Never react blindly to all that you see, hear or read. It is said that truth puts on its shoes while lies is busy travelling the whole world.
More than half of all relationship woes can be solved only if people listen and understand more and talk less. Each person is right in their own way. It is highly erroneous to judge people whose journey you have no idea about. It is wrong to belittle or make people feel guilty or make them feel small just because you have an opinion on how the world should be.
There are many experiences – good, bad, ugly that sums up a person’s life and makes them what they are today. Nobody’s life is all black and white. We all have are greys. I have come to realize that proving someone wrong does not make you look right in any way! Love is the only area where you win when the one you love wins and you lose when the one you love loses.
This world needs less of righteousness and more of love and understanding to gently guide people to becoming the best of what they can be. After all, all of us are work-in-progress. The next time you feel tempted to give someone a peace of your mind, pause. Hurtful words once said cannot be retrieved back.
Take time to understand, and you will realize that simple understanding can do you and your loved one a world of good for understanding is as important as love!
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