12 Things I learnt about God
By Julia Fernandes
October 18, 2012
1. God is real – far more real than anything or anyone else in this world.
2. God is simple, easy going and chilled out.
3. God hates complexities. So, keep your life and thoughts simple.
4. God never plays hard to get. Anybody can find God. You need not have to dig anything to find Him.
5. God loves humour. So, be cheerful.
6. God is very humble. He likes the humble a lot.
7. God likes short and sweet prayers that shoot straight from the heart. It is said that such prayers pierces the clouds and reaches God.
8. God can surface in your life any moment, very often when you least expect it.
9. God can talk to you or give you a sign through anybody – I literally mean anybody. So, be alert when you interact with all, for God usually chooses the most unlikely candidates to talk to you.
10. God can sometimes take an awful long time to answer your prayers. But, when He does, He does it in the most awesome ways.
11. When you pray, God is actively working behind the scenes, gradually unfolding your future to you.
12. God hates sin…big time.

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