Nourish your spirit
By Julia Fernandes
June 21, 2013
Recently an Indian actress ended her life on account of alleged personal problems. In one of the letters published in the media she mentioned how her soul was broken from within. 
It led me to think what is spirit? None of us have seen it, yet we know it is something that is a mirror image of our bodies, light and invisible. 
An apple that nourishes your body today will also nourish your body each time you eat it. So, also with God’s word and love. If you read and accept God’s love, it will nourish your spirit each time you hear or read the same verses over and over again.
Just as we need food and water to nourish our bodies, good and positive thoughts to nourish our minds, we need God’s word to nourish our spirits. 
Many times it has happened with me that I have read the same Bible verses over and over. But each time I read it, the verse adds a different dimension and colour to whatever I am facing at that particular moment in time.
If you have a broken leg you will not be able to walk until it gets healed. Similarly, if you have a broken spirit – that crushing feeling of not being able to function or live – your spirit will feel trapped within your body. That is the point when a person snaps and ends their life.
Don’t reach that stage where you feel trapped within your body. Take time to nourish your spirit. Stay calm, read, meditate, and pray. Don’t try to set many things straight at once in your life. 
Do what you can and leave the rest to God. Control the small things and allow God to control the big things. Why? Because He can see the big picture which you and I cannot see from here.
Prayer is our spirit’s most vital connection with God – the Source from where we have all come. Prayers should be short, sweet and meaningful. It should not be mere lip service. When you sense any imbalance in your spirit, nourish it through God’s love and word.