When fear is good
By Julia Fernandes
April 18, 2013
Not all fears are bad; in some cases fear can actually be a good thing. The Bible always emphasizes that it is important to have a holy fear of God. Human beings are so fallible.  Anyone can go astray. When you have God’s fear in your heart you will think twice before doing anything wrong.
Those who are in relationships – be it friendship or love – do all that they can to maintain the relationship. And what drives them do so – the fear of losing the people they love. 
When you don’t have that fear, you don’t bother to nurture your relationship or make efforts to clarify or sort when relationships turn sour. When you value someone and have that fear of losing them, you will reach out and do all that it needs to keep your relationship. You will apologize even if it is not your mistake!
For any act it takes a lot of courage. But what happens when a person has guts and courage to do harmful activities, to hurt and harm others, for eg hitting, killing, bombing? You need courage even there. And what gives them this courage – the absence of fear? They fear nobody.
Killers, rapists – they have no fear of the law or the consequences of their actions. If they had even an iota of fear they would not commit such crimes in the first place.
When fear keeps you in check and prevents you from doing anything wrong, keep the fear – for in such cases it will turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you.

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