When God takes over

By Julia Fernandes

November 11, 2011


October 25, 2011.Time: 8.15pm. I was on my way back home crossing the railway tracks filled with pleasant memories of a wonderful day that was spent in office. I was attempting to cross a big gap between two railway tracks. The next thing I remember is I was flat on the track suffering a severe fall on my face.


I stood up feeling dizzy. Three small girls picked up my bags and handed them over to my sister who was walking far ahead of me and was unaware that I had fallen down. Only when they handed the bags to her did she realize that something untoward has happened with me. It’s a mystery as to how they knew she was with me and gave the bags to her. My sister saw them as three little angels.


Round the corner was my dentists' clinic. So, soaked in blood oozing out of my mouth, I crossed the road to reach the clinic only to see that it was closed. I had to again cross the same railway tracks to go to the West to go to the hospital.


We reached the hospital. The casualty section was another scene. It took five minutes for an Intern to attend to me; there were no doctors around. When she saw my dental injury, she told my sister that there were no dentists present in the hospital at that time and that this is outside her scope.


While all this was happening I did not receive any first aid. There were other injuries other than the dental one. I was bleeding from my nose, suffered injuries on my face and legs too. Yet, not even a swab of cotton was given to me!


When you are injured you suddenly become an object of stare.The nurses and attendants were just staring at my state. Finally, I HAD TO ACTUALLY ASK to please give me a piece of ice. Placing the ice cube in my blood-soaked handkerchief, we left the hospital not knowing what to do and where to go.


Nothing can be more frightening than to realize that a hospital has turned you away. But GOD TOOK OVER. As we left the hospital wondering where to go, my sister met one of her friends who guided us towards a nearby dentist clinic. This was the same friend whom half an hour back we said goodbye to each other in the train and we went our separate ways. It is nothing short of a miracle that she was passing by from there at that time. We reached the clinic and I was taken care of.


Most of the time God works behind the scenes making provisions for all our needs and cares. Just when you are tempted to despair, God takes over and intervenes when He has to. Yes, things can sometimes go terribly wrong, but if you pray regularly and have faith and hope in God you will witness divine providence -- sometimes in the form of three small girls who picked up my bags and alerted my sister and sometimes in the form of a friend who re-appears after saying goodbye and guides you just when a hospital turns you away!

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