How does the devil work?

By Julia Fernandes

March 4, 2013


Satan is a Hebrew word (Ha-Satan) which means the Accuser. In the Bible we see how the devil makes accusations against God's chosen.


The devil has got permission from God to use any person to rob someone of their love, peace and happiness. The devil can use any medium. Nobody is safe from the snares of the evil one. As a matter of fact, clairvoyants and psychics are more susceptible to the snares of the evil one because they use spirits to reveal things. If the spirit is an evil one, the damage is already done. 


That is what the devil wants. He wants us to believe in his lies, lose all hope, be depressed. In doing so he manages to take away all our happiness and peace; when we despair it is the biggest sin against the Holy Spirit and his biggest victory. When we despair, it is like almost saying, God you cannot do anything, you are powerless. That is exactly what the devil wants!

  • Satan is the deceiver of the whole world. He is a liar and the father of liars.
  • He can make you believe that the right person is the wrong person for you and the wrong person is the right person for you.
  • He can use your own family members, friends, spouses in misguiding and hurting you.
  • He can use anybody and he does.


Satan does not usually do his own dirty work. He works through agents. God has sent true preachers, apostles, and prophets, so Satan makes fake ones -- false teachers, apostles, and prophets.


Make no mistake about it, the devil is real, he is alive and he is working. He uses people to deceive others. So, be careful what you hear and what you are told. Do not believe in anything. Question everything that is told to you through any medium. And always pray. Through prayers alone you can be saved from the devil’s temptations.


Stay close to God for only God has ultimate power over the devil and only He can uncover all his lies and falsehood.