Politics: The Lost Spiritual Art of Governance

By Julia Fernandes



Ever wondered why the mere mention of the word ‘politics’ repels most of us? Why do we subconsciously use the term ‘office politics’ ‘internal politics’ to deslide-1-1scribe manipulation, deceit?  


Energetically speaking, the collective low vibrational political energies have lowered the frequency and vibration of the word ‘politics.’ That’s why it repels most of us.


Every element of human existence reveals an aspect of God that includes politics, which in its purest form, ought to be an imitation of the Divine. But with greed and gain becoming more important than common good, politics lost its connection to the deeper foundations of human nature.


Serving people is one of the highest levels of spiritual work. If politics is about serving people, then politicians ought to be the most spiritual of all. But that’s not so.


Today, governance is dominated by confrontational forms of politics marked by rivalries, corruption, hurting and failing each other. Scams are proof that we have a system that renounces virtue.


What is the solution?

We need to evolve and deepen our connection with the Divine. A person who is spiritually strong will know how to deal with power – which is the source of all corruption.


World leaders feel embarrassed to speak about God or uphold spiritual values on international forums. For too long we have lived in denial of the Divine.


God is the core of the universe. He is total awareness, truth supreme, wisdom all-knowing. He is so sublime that without Him there is no total harmony. Yet, God who takes care of 200 billion galaxies is the last person leaders go to or consult. Shouldn’t this POWERFUL FRIEND be the FIRST person to be consulted in running the affairs of the nation?


Humanity has to catch up with the transformation process that kickstarted with the pandemic. The Earth which is in an upgrade mode will not rest till all negativity is wiped out. From here stems the thought of spiritual based politics – a form of good, clean and sacred governance that aligns with the Divine Spirit within us ensuring highest good for the nation and its people.


In 2017 Indian actor Rajnikanth wanted to start a ‘spiritual politics’ party based on truth in thoughts and actions which was a very noble thought. This is the starting point of new consciousness that is taking root in so many of us.


Spiritual based Politics (Government of the most evolved beings)

Spiritual based politics means a government of the most evolved beings. The greatest responsibility would be given to whoever has the greatest capacity in terms of wisdom and love.


Such a structure would be similar to the Council of Elders of Native Americans - revered individuals who provide wisdom and leadership by exuding grace, wisdom, gentleness in their words and actions.


They would establish new way of doing things based on LOVE such as:

  • Mindful governance based on truth, justice, peace, harmony
  • Policies that deliver equality, goodness, fairness in letter, spirit & intent
  • Feeling of stewardship and responsibility for all living beings and ecological systems
  • Establishing structures that have an even distribution of power
  • An environment free from corruption & exploitation
  • Freedom of individual speech, will & self-expression
  • Integrating spiritual values in political ideologies
  • Understanding the spiritual significance of things that happen in a nation


In Spiritual Politics Leaders chosen would be highly evolved souls who:

  • Know and Love God from the bottom of their hearts
  • Demonstrate spiritual principles of peace, honesty, justice
  • Have a penchant for truth
  • Are peace lovers filled with wisdom
  • Are kind, gentle and humble with the highest capacity to love
  • Work with the energy of love and not fear
  • Possess intuition, intellect, foresight,
  • Have compassionate solutions for problems faced by people


The energy signature of the Golden Age is one that promotes Divine order, truthfulness, and harmony. For too long principled souls have distanced themselves from the political landscape. It’s time for all of us to rebuild the spiritual walls of politics.


Calling all radicals, new age thinkers, thought leaders, spiritual people, lightworkers, starseeds…to come and take this thought forward.


It’s your time to rise and shine! We signed up for this!

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