About Julia

Orion Starseed


Julia is an Orion Starseed. Even though it took her years to adjust to the harshness of this planet, her soul has managed to retain the softness & peace within her.  


An Ex-Journalist turned writer, editor and author of five e-books, she now operates as a Freelance Writer working in bliss, quietude & solitude, away from the maddening coprorate world rat race.


With a journalism background, she has been writing and editing since the last 17 years. From 2011 she began writing blogs on spirituality, that's how GodLovesYou website was born.


A seeker for knowledge & wisdom, she continues to ask, question, wonder and learn as she travels along her defined path growing & evolving while sharing her learnings with the world.


This website is nothing but a cherished legacy of those learnings & soul wisdom lovingly acquired through the ages. Take whatever resonates with you.


Love & Light,


Julia Fernandes ..:)   smile


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