Empty race of Life
By Julia Fernandes
July 23, 2012
The way we zip through the stages of life, sometimes, life does appear to be a race where we compete with multiple elements that head towards us. Most of us get so preoccupied in essaying our Earthly roles that life is half spent before one even knows what one has been living for all these years. 
The occasional blows of life once in a while, forces us to stop and ponder about our journey. Once the blows are overcome, we are back in the race of life investing all our time and energy in the pursuit of material goals seldom seeking the growth of our souls.
Life is one race, which gives you the illusion that you are competing with many others. It is only when you reach the fag end of your journey that you realize life is an empty race. You may run with the others, but no two persons have the same finishing line. When you reach your own finishing line, it hits you that you are all alone.
By then it is too late. We spend our precious waking hours and days worrying about a zillion things, giving importance to things that will not matter a thousand years from now. There is much value that we can take from life, but we focus so much on the insignificant that by the time we realize things of real value, our time is up. 
Our thoughts jump from one problem to the other; our feelings amble from one relationship to the other; our dreams meander from one goal to the other. Somehow, life gives you the impression that the things you do are terribly important. Truth is nothing is as important as it is made out to be.
We slog all our life to earn so that we can enjoy a so-called perfect life when in fact a perfect life comprises of things that are actually well within our reach. Below are just a handful of things which are of real value and which you do not need to be in the race for:- 
  • God’s love
  • People who really love and care for you  
  • Good health of self and loved ones 
  • Things that make you laugh and happy without any reason 
  • Peace within your soul 
  • A happy heart and a
  • Still and quiet mind
No matter what we are or what we do, we came with nothing and we will leave with nothing. Our dreams, talent, skills, beauty, work, success, fame, money and even our bodies will all be left behind. The only thing that goes with us is our souls. Real life starts when you realize this truth and live your life in such a way that nothing fazes you anymore, not even participation in this empty race of life.

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