3 Myths about God

By Julia Fernandes

August 1, 2012


"Being close to God or being a very spiritual person does not mean that you will not face any tough times in life."

From my own experience I have learnt that being close to God does not insulate you from troubles. Yes, I do face problems like everybody else. But, there is a difference. Even in my tough situations, I can see the loving hand of God that enables me to not only face it but overcome it. 


When you stay close to God, God stays close to you. And when God is so close to you, sometimes, you don’t even have to brief Him about whatever challenging situation you are facing. God is much closer to your situation than you can ever imagine and He knows exactly what has to be done and He does it.


There are days when you think you are lucky, to get a seat, catch the bus or train, or find a solution to your work or personal issues. It is not luck as the world would like you to believe. God uses luck to stay anonymous when He helps you in the most mysterious ways.


"Belief in God does not mean you will not be tested."

Just as our bodies need to be exercised to keep it in good shape, so also our spirits or souls need to be exercised from time-to-time to keep it in good shape. You never know when spiritual pride or arrogance can creep in and tarnish your spirit. Hence, no matter how strong your belief in God, your faith will always be tested to keep you grounded.


Sometimes, a test comes in the form of physical pain to see whether you retain your faith or whether you start questioning where God is. What needs to be remembered is nothing lasts forever, so even the pain will go away. When you hold on to your belief, after the pain goes away, what remains is a much stronger faith.


"God’s blessings mean you will have everything in life."

This is another myth which many people hold on to. People think God’s blessings means success and happiness in every sphere of your life – health, family, kids, career, money, success, etc. And if something is lacking in your life, they conclude that God has not blessed you in that area.


Nothing can be farther from this truth. God’s blessings are far beyond that perfect job, happy marriage, good health, wealth and success. The ability to find peace and solace in all that you have and don’t have comprises the real meaning of God’s blessings. When you are so happy and secure in God’s love that what you have and don’t have ceases to make any difference in your life – that is the actual blessing of God.


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