Negative Energy can harm you

By Julia Fernandes
March 1, 2012
Energy is all around us. The Earth’s vibration itself is negative. Every person, thing and place has a certain energy attached to it. This energy can either be positive or negative. We absorb positive as well as negative energy and likewise we reflect the same. 
Sometimes, when we visit or join any new place, we feel highly uncomfortable. Initially, we reason that maybe it is because it is a new place and it will take some time for us to adjust. But we can go wrong. Our gut instinct or our subconscious mind always guides us rightly. 
But, we ignore it and listen to our physical mind. You cannot see energy but you can feel it. So, even when everything is physically altered to make you feel comfortable, the energy of a place stays the same.
Unknown to you the negative energy can actually affect your health. You could scratch your head and wonder how, but it does affect your physical health. Only when you leave that place and see an improvement in your health, your belief gets validated. 
Why do we feel so peaceful and calm when we visit any holy place of worship? Because the place has God's energy and also because of the collective positive energy of prayer that is left behind by worshippers. Likewise, when people think or perform any wrong acts, such energy gets collected and concentrated in a place. And that is why for no real reason you feel uneasy in certain places.
It is not just a place, even people can harm you with the power of their thoughts. When someone does not like you, they may not tell you outright on your face, but you will not know that they are hitting your spirit with their negative thoughts about you. Minimise your interactions with them. When you interact with such people, be on your guard and always ask God to protect you.
Be careful and stay alert always. If you pick up any negative vibrations from a person, place or thing, stay away from such a person, place or thing. And always pray to God to protect not just your body, but your mind, heart and soul as well. 
For a sincere prayer is the greatest protection against all negative energy!