The Changing face of relationships
By Sharon Danthis
September 30, 2013
I just watched the movie, The Lunchbox –- an endearing love story which is soul stirring, heart wrenching and makes you go through a gamut of emotions. Amidst the loneliness and mundane life the two individuals in the movie find solace,  warmth and a refreshing change in their respective lives though a strange quirk of fate.  
A marriage without care, concern, loyalty, sharing is like almost reaching a dead end. Care and concern is the highest form of love. Very little is needed to make one happy and that is having someone to whom you can share your joys and sorrows of life, someone with whom you can connect on a deeper level wherein you feel emotionally secure and contented. Life is not meant to merely exist. One should live life to the fullest instead of just surviving.
Nowadays, platonic love has been relegated to the background. For those who compromise they reach a stalemate but there are some who do not have to pay the price for what they believe in. Their quest for the purpose of life does not diminish and yet they live happily with a positive outlook that someday things would definitely make sense. We all have our own journey to undertake–the journey of life wherein we are accountable for what we do.
It’s so important to live life on your own terms as you are the only person who can make a difference to your life. Be it a belief or a platonic relationship, not necessarily it has to translate into physical intimacy. Nowadays it’s considered cool to have casual sex with no emotions involved, which is a shallow relationship with the tag of friends with benefits. Today here with X, tomorrow with Y. All for the love of increasing their pleasure quotient with no introspection of inner needs and values.
Surprisingly, these are the very same people who will look down on those who advocate true love and find it very entertaining or amusing that it exists sans sex. They would love to field questions such as how can that person not have any desire or not indulge in fantasy or give in to pleasures of the flesh?
Is sex the ultimate form of love? If love is true then one can abstain from sex and wait for even five years to meet the one you love. Many fail to recognize the difference between a fleeting infatuation and a lasting connection. True love can survive without sex especially when the bond is that of a pure and divine nature. 
Mental toughness is required to make the right choices, which aligns you to your true self and do not allow you to succumb to other’s concept of love. The beauty of love is in the romance of two souls which is passionate and reaching heights of ecstasy
Sex is something sacred, not just the union of two bodies but the mind, heart and soul. It is the synchronisation of the divinity of true love. 
What is the use if you gain the approval of others and lose your immortal soul?