Bank of Love
By Julia Fernandes
February 13, 2012
Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day -- a day marked with red colour balloons, flowers, heart-shaped cards, gifts, chocolates that can be seen outside almost every gift and card shops. All the TV and radio channels start beaming and playing romantic and love songs. It’s a red-letter day for love that nobody can miss.
There are some who celebrate Valentine’s Day because of the pressures of staying in sync with what everybody is doing. And there are the cynics who turn up their noses and brush off this day saying that they don’t believe in celebrating love on just one particular day. 
I will take the middle path. While I do not endorse artificial and hollow display of love, at the same time I wonder whether people who criticise this day, do they really celebrate love on the rest of the 364 days?
When I read the newspapers or switch the TV channels, I am greeted with all sorts of negative news that depress me. So, even if for one day, the whole world talks, sleeps love, it leaves me with a sense of happiness. The whole air is filled with love. It makes me go misty-eyed.
Love is the greatest gift God has given us. Valentine’s Day is nothing but a festival of love not just for that somebody special but for your family, friends, for yourself and for God too! Say a short thank you prayer to God for giving mankind this beautiful gift of love. Tell God you love Him and thank Him for loving you too. 
So, guys, start walking backwards for the girl you love; girls treat your guy as if he is the only guy you can see in this world. For the singles, close your eyes and wish your would-be partners wherever they are. 
Do something silly in your heart, for somebody who is yet to enter your life. So, when he/she actually enters your life, they will be surprised to know that they were thought of and remembered even when they were not known to you! Take your family for a treat, decorate your house, your desk, etc. 
Do all the things that will make you feel stupid and silly but yet has the power to leave a smile on your face that will linger long after this day is over! When we grow old, the wealth and money will not count, it is this bank of silly things that will make you shake your head and smile from your heart.
As for me, I am going to catch some of this love which is in the air and bank it in my heart.
Wishing all my readers and well-wishers 365 Valentine’s Days.
Love is a treasured gift
That give our hearts a lift
A blessing we just cannot do without
Cause Love is what life is all about