The Garlic Heart
By Julia Fernandes
August 12, 2013
Today, in the wee hours of morning, while I was chopping the ingredients to cook, I came across this unique garlic. I peeled it and was about to chop it when the shape of the garlic caught my attention. It was in the shape of a heart – perfect.
Co-incidentally, few days back I hit an all-time personal low that threatened to shake my beliefs in goodness and love. Today, when I held the garlic in my hand, I took it as a sign from a loving Universe aiming at restoring my faith in love.
So, this goes out for all those people who are currently undergoing painful heartbreaks, those whose trust have been broken, or those who feel have been shortchanged in love, look carefully at this Garlic Heart. It is a sign of hope that says do not let the fickleness of human nature harden your heart.
Since I have peeled the skin of the garlic, I don’t know how long it will stay fresh. But I have decided to keep this garlic heart with me till the time I can keep it.
It will serve as a reminder to me that that if love can be found in one of the most unlikeliest of places such as a humble garlic, love can also be found in one of the hardest to reach places and also, sometimes, one of the coldest places – THE HUMAN HEART.