Thank you, God

Julia Fernandes

September 17, 2011


(This is the second in a series of letters to God).


Dear Papa (God),


This is a small thank you letter for everything that you did, are doing and will continue to do for us. First and foremost, thank you creating this beautiful world for us, thank you for the awesome sun, the lovely moon, and the cute stars -- they are all doing an awesome job.


They have not changed anything about themselves from the time you made them. None of these heavenly bodies have ever strayed from the path you set them on. From the time you created them they are very dutifully performing their tasks. Unlike humans, the sun does not envy the moon nor does the moon fight with the stars. Today, while men and women have swapped roles, the sun and the moon have stayed true to their roles. They respect, love and obey you a lot.


Thank you for the water and the air that keeps us alive. We rarely say thanks to them, so, today, through you, we are thanking them for being an integral part of our life. Thank you for the vegetables and other foods we get through plants. Thank you for the variety of yummy and sweet fruits that are a delight to eat. Each time I bite into a juicy musk melon dripping with sugar, I remember you Papa and an involuntary thanks to you escapes from my heart....:)


Thank you for making us the way we look and the way we are. I don’t know about others but I like your work in me..:) I have not changed anything about myself neither inwardly nor outwardly. When I finally come face-to-face with you in Heaven, it will be very easy for you to recognize me for I have not allowed the ways and thoughts of the world to modify my body or heart or soul in any way.


Thank you Papa for all that you have given me and thank you for all that you have not given. Thank you for the wonderful and nice people you had/have and in future will continue to bring in my life. And thank you for the difficult people you brought/ is there or will bring in my life. For while the nice people enable me to function from the goodness of my heart the difficult ones have taught me the art of not losing that goodness.


Most importantly, thank you Papa for loving me at all times, especially in those times when I am not very lovable. Thank you for listening to me each time I crib and grumble to you about my problems. Thank you for lovingly putting up with me each time I try to blackmail you into revealing the things that I am anxious about. Thank you for understanding my prayers even when I cannot find the right words to say them.


One day I want you to play catch catch with me. I will run and I want you to catch me…wink wink.


Finally, thank you being the best Father to us


Lots and lots and lots of love and a BIG BIG HUG,


Your sweet daughter,