How a past life memory unlocked a trait in this lifetime?

By Julia Fernandes


It is widely believed that we take birth multiple times, reborn as different individuals dark-blue-forest-wallpaper-previewthough are memories and experiences leave their imprints in the deep recesses of our souls. It is this very imprint that subconsciously surfaces in our current lifetime in the way we act and behave.


Not all are capable of remembering their past life. Some access this important information through past life regression; some through dreams, visions and other paranormal déjà vu phenomena.


In my case, I stumbled upon a small tidbit of past life information through a dream I dreamt while saying prayers to clear past life karmic debts. It helped me shed light on an unusual behavioral trait – the obsession to carry water while travelling.


For the longest possible time I would always feel an inexplicable thirst for water, especially when travelling, as if my life depended on it. I always carry my own bottle of water whenever I travel – even for short distances.


On the rare occasions, if the water bottle am carrying is empty, I start feeling restless and uneasy. And even though sometimes I don’t drink the water and bring home the water bottle full, I still HAVE to carry it.



Coming to my dream, I dreamt that there is a wedding going on and a bride is standing outside. I could recognize myself as a wandering mystic (sadhu, fakir) a religious ascetic or a holy man. I am standing outside the house, and requesting the bride to please give me some water.


But the bride does not give me water. She starts playing tricks on me, promises to give me water, but eventually makes me a fool and does not give me water. This infuriates me so much that I curse the bride.


When I got up, I finally got the answer as to why I have this inexplicable thirst for water. The energy of that past lifetime, of being denied water, left such a deep impression on my soul’s consciousness that in this lifetime I subconsciously feel thirsty and never step out without water!


Recalling past life memories does help in finding answers and closures for unexplained physical, mental and emotional issues or break repeated patterns in relationships or other areas of your life.


If you’re seeking the answers to any burning issue in your life, try reciting your own prayers, set the intent to know about your past life karmic debts, and you will receive divine guidance just as I did.


When we extract past life information that is relevant to the present lifetime we can use that to move forward with peace and purpose in this lifetime.


PS: I still carry my own water wherever I go :)

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