Letter to the Holy Father: Pope

By Julia Fernandes

January 1, 2016


Dear Holy Father,


I am a practicing Roman Catholic from India. Today, after receiving the Holy Communion, a Eucharistic Minister asked me whether I am a Catholic or not since non-Catholics, too, attend mass.


Incidentally, this is the second time I am being questioned on my faith. I had shared my thoughts on the below blog when I was questioned the first time.




It is a small incident that raises big questions:


What are the criteria or the external visible signs of being a Catholic or a Christian?


Did Jesus only come for Catholics? Is salvation only for Christians or did He come to save whole mankind?


Jesus came for sinners. Did he differentiate sinners on the basis of religion? If he did not, then why does the church do it?


Should not genuine and sincere love for God and Jesus be reason enough for anyone to receive Holy Communion?


The first thing man realises when he dies is this truth – there is no Religion on the other side. God is actually ONE! And, all of us are His children bound only by the universal thread of God’s love.


God, as I know, is loving and kind to the core; He loves all of us beyond anyone’s imagination, and the blood that Jesus shed on the cross was for full humanity.


Would request the Vatican Council and the Holy Father to seriously review and reconsider existing laws and norms. In today's strife torn and broken world, there has never been a more urgent need for an expansion of our hearts, and to hold on to as much love as we can!  


Wish you a very happy new year...!


Love, light and blessings


Julia Fernandes


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