Effects of December 21, 2012
By Julia Fernandes
January 10, 2013
21 December 2012 has come and gone. I don't know about others but for me post this date, my sense of awareness has heightened especially in catching the subtle energies of not just the universe but of each person I come in contact with. I have become more attuned to the universe. The sun, moon and the stars have suddenly become my new friends – awesome friends.
If that was less magic then yesterday night something even more magical happened. For those who came in late, during the 21st December 2012, the sun would constantly shine on my face and distract my eyes and attention wherever I went. Only when I wrote the article, ‘Message from the Fifth Sun,’ that the Sun stopped flashing its light on my face. It was as if the sun wanted me to convey the message to embrace light not just in our lives but in all the dark areas of our life.
So last night I was as usual talking to the stars; the moon was a fine crescent. I was feeling a bit low and sharing my feelings and thoughts. Then suddenly I remembered I missed the sun from our conversation. Since it was night of course the sun would not show up.
But I was so very wrong. Nothing could ever prepare me for what was to come. As I put my head down standing at the balcony, a gentle breeze that was not there before began touching my hair. I did not look up.
Then street light from a nearby bulb post (I am on the second floor) started flashing in front of my eyes, that too penetrating from the gaps between the swaying leaves of the coconut trees lined up in my colony. I was dumbstruck.
The light was flashing exactly the way the sun would flash its light on me. It was if the sun was telling me that Julia, even though it is dark, the fact that you thought about me, is enough for me to reveal my presence to you in the most amazing ways that I can; to tell you that I can listen to all that you are saying and that I am more close to you than you can ever imagine.
It was as if the sun was saying that even though it is dark I can still shine my light even in the darkest places. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. Yes, it is this light that is inspiring us to reach and embrace the best in us; it is this light that promises to guide us even in the darkness.
All the hype and hoopla surrounding 21 December 2012 appears to have subsided, but in a silent way its effect is beginning to show up in people and events. In my acquaintances circle, I have come across many changes, both good as well as bad. In fact some changes are so first-of-a-kind in nature that it compels you to sit up and ask questions!
Our beliefs and how open we are to positive changes will determine whether we walk on the beaten road or whether like the galactic shift change our old thinking patterns and be brave enough to choose new paths unfolding before us – paths of goodness, righteousness that will lead us to the happiness we always dreamt of.
For those who have had it tough, it is as if the universe is saying, this is the best time to change -- change for good, ask, pray and believe all the good things that you want to manifest in your life. 

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