Oh the Word of my Lord, deep within my being.”


We are all familiar with the opening line of this popular hymn and have sung it, too. But how true can this actually be? This line could contain an element of truth, if claims of scientists are any indication.


Scientists have discovered that the human gene contains linguistic sequence that when translated contains the name of God as well as the word of God in the form of messages and phrases.


While we read and follow His Word in the Bible, few know that the wonderful Creator left His name and word deep within us, in our DNA, long before man could even write the Bible.


After all, the great Creator made man in His own image. We carry His breath each time we breathe. When Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you, He may have been referring to God’s name and word, His whole essence, embedded within us in the deepest recesses of our cells.


This e-book is a humble effort in compilation of the discovery of God’s name and His word in our genes by several scientists and researchers.

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