12 Simple Truths
By Julia Fernandes
November 12, 2014
Value people and emotions.
Learn to trust your heart.
Give people a chance to talk; hear them out. It may be the last time you may ever see them.
Give flowers when people can still smell them and not when they are dead.
Don’t decorate graves, decorate lives.
Talk to your loved ones while they are still alive and not to their photos when they are dead and gone.
Life is too short to hold grudges. Forgive and Forget.
If you love someone go out and express. The worst you may hear is a No.
God does not reveal to us more than what we need to know.
Life is beautiful when we quit dictating how things ought to be.
Don't wait for death to show you the meaning of life.
Have love in your heart. If you don’t have love your knowledge, wisdom, skills, wealth means nothing.
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