Soar high into the sky
By Julia Fernandes
November 9, 2012
In my personal interactions many times I come across people who are afraid of living life to the fullest. They are everything but normal. I admit we all go through disappointments and dejections in life. But that should not restrict us from creating the best life for ourselves and others.
The most self-assured and happy person is one who has gone through the most hell in life. Nobody really has it easy.
Sometimes, I wonder is it so hard to be normal? What really constitutes a normal individual? 
  • A normal person is one who is comfortable in his or her own space
  • Is emotionally stable in all aspects of life
  • A person who can handle happiness as well as sorrow
  • A person who appreciates whatever he feels
  • Is not afraid of rejection 
  • Takes life as it comes
I have observed many of us tend to over-guard ourselves. We tend to over-protect ourselves from the power of what others can make us feel. It sounds silly. But many of us are scared to even feel the things we don’t want to feel – afraid that it may not last forever.
Some will sulk, will not express, some will give the silence treatment, some will ignore you, and some others will make you rattle your brains to understand them. Some are super great – they will say the opposite of what they mean and expect you to understand their original unspoken thoughts…!!!
Life becomes so easy when we say the things we really mean. It is so nice to make life simple not just for ourselves but even for others. It saves the trouble and pain of decoding silence, reading between the lines, understanding unsaid words, etc.
We all have just one life, one day, one hour, one minute and just one second. We only have the present. So, be normal and live and love life to the fullest. Create a fearless world within you and soar high into the sky!