Chat between Fear and Courage
By Julia Fernandes
July 18, 2013
Fear and Courage are brothers  -- Proverbs

Once upon a time there were two brothers, Fear and Courage. They were very different from each other as different as chalk and cheese, yet they had one common and vital thread running between them -- of inseparable brotherhood. Both grew up together.
While one brother Courage was loved and pursued by the world, his other brother -- Fear was always looked down and shunned by the world. Everybody wanted to have Courage but nobody wanted Fear.
This made Fear very sad and he began sulking in one corner. He thought he was worthless and was of no use to the world. Seeing his brother’s plight, Courage went over to him and consoled him. This is what he told him:
"I know the world appreciates me and not you. But today I will share a secret. It is because of you, my dear brother that I am what I am. I get all my glory because of your existence. If there was no Fear, there would also be no Courage also."
Fear could not believe what he was hearing. Courage took his hands, smiled at him and continued, "It is only when people feel the grip of Fear in their hearts that I, Courage, am sought out. I am needed the most when you are around. To know my value, they have to first know your dread."
"That is why you are so important. If Fear is absent there will be no appreciation for Courage. God created you so that people could learn to overcome you and find me," explained Courage.
Courage put his arm around Fear and looked straight in his eyes and concluded, "Don’t bother if the world looks down upon you. Continue to do what you have to do. That is your job. And when you do your job (of instilling fear) well, I get to do my job (of instilling courage) in others."
"Let the world view us as black and white as long as we know the gray truth between us that we are two brothers who secretly co-exist to bring out the best in people."