Ouch, it’s a heartache!
By Julia Fernandes
February 17, 2012
"Sometimes, the heart has to undergo pain only to find out what really gives it true happiness" -- Julia Fernandes
Among all the aches that a human has to endure, a heartache certainly bags top honours for being the most painful of them all. It’s a pain that cannot be described in words. In fact, words shrink the feelings of a heart that is deeply hurt or broken.
But, yet we all have to go through it at some point or the other in our life. Sometimes, everything makes sense and sometimes nothing makes any sense. Very often, it is not outsiders but the people and the things we hold close to our hearts that prove to be the reasons for our heartaches.
I have learnt from all my observations that we can, to a certain extent, control many things in our life. But there is one thing we cannot control and that is our heart. I don’t think there is anybody in this world who has mastered his heart.
We can control our feelings, but not our hearts. The heart beats at a frequency no man can ever catch. We can only feel. That’s it. When our hearts our happy, we become delirious with joy, when our hearts our sad we are totally helpless. The heart simply dictates what it feels. 
Mankind has made so much of progress in life, with the ability to regulate so many things around us. Yet, none of us can insulate our hearts from a heartache. We cannot regulate what it feels. Sometimes, the heart has to undergo pain only to find out what really gives it true happiness. 
When life deals you a heartache, and if you have no strength to cope up with on your own, just pack your heart and parcel it off to someone who is an expert in dealing with broken hearts. Yes, give it to God. As stupid as it may sound, it really works. Just as little kids take their broken toys to their parents to fix it, God anxiously waits for us to bring our broken hearts to Him for repair. 
Let Him take His time to fix it. And don’t be in a hurry to take it back from God at the first sign of recovery. Wait till it is completely healed -- ready to sing a song once again!

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