Small wonders of God
By Julia Fernandes
August 11, 2012
Few days back, as I proceeded to board the ladies special train, I noticed all the seats in the First Class compartment were occupied. I began checking the other compartments. There are total 12 coaches. 
I walked and walked to see if I could manage to get a fourth seat. (To all my non-Indian readers, a fourth seat is the edge seat. Actually, the seats are designed only for three passengers), but no luck. 
I walked almost ¾ of the train. Finally, in one second class coach, I happened to see a vacant fourth seat. I entered and somehow mange to seat myself in the little space on the fourth seat.
My co-passengers who were seated besides me were alighting at destinations that would take almost half an hour to reach. Only then I would be able to sit comfortably on the third or second seat. I was just juggling with these thoughts, when the person sitting on the second seat vacated her seat and stood at the door in anticipation of the crowds and I got to sit comfortably on the third seat.
I could not believe! What are the odds of getting a comfortable seat in a 12-coach fully-packed train where women are standing from the first coach to the last coach? Lady Luck has to be very big to get these odds right. So, it is not Lady Luck, but the hand of God. 
Now as I sit back and analyze, I recollect many such incidents that got brushed off as luck, but were in fact disguised as little blessings carefully sent by a loving and caring God!
It is very easy to identify the big wonders that God creates in our lives. But how often do we discern and acknowledge the little and small wonders He does for us? 
Just goes to show that in God's dictionary the word trivia is not there. Every little thing that is a part of our life and that affects us in the smallest possible way is of great significance to God. No problem is too big and no issue too small for God to create little wonders in our life.