Can you value yourself?

By Julia Fernandes

October 19, 2013


Yesterday, in Big Boss – an Indian reality show, the contestants were given a task to value their achievements and popularity and rank themselves on a scale of 1 to 13. I felt sad to watch the contestants arguing and discussing their achievements.


It set me thinking. Is our self-worth tied to what we can do or cannot do? Few days back, while coming down from my building, I encountered my neighbour – a 70 plus elderly person who was sitting all by himself. I smiled and greeted him and we exchanged pleasantries. I asked him, “Uncle, how are you?” To which he replied with a helpless look, “Look at me, I am useless.”


I was speechless. I did not know what to say. I just smiled and reassured him and told him, Uncle don’t say that. Beyond that I could not say anything to make him feel that he is not useless.


Like the contestants in Big Boss and like my neighbour, never attempt to attach price tags to your worth based on your youth, beauty, skills, ability to earn, or ability to do anything, etc. 


Our so-called ‘utility value’ does not end when we grow old or when we lose our ability to work or earn money. That is man’s way of twisted thinking. God does not think that way.


If you start valuing yourself based on what you can accomplish, tomorrow, when you grow old you will start devaluing yourself – an emotion that was reflected in my neighbour who felt he was of no value only because he has ceased working.


Can anybody value the sun, moon, stars, water and air? Why? Because, they are invaluable. So, also, man is invaluable, irrespective of your age, education, etc. Each of us is precious in the eyes of God – a simple truth that we all ought to cling to our hearts tightly.