The coldness of human heart
By Julia Fernandes
August 30, 2012
“The coldness in a man’s heart can sometimes put the coldness of Antarctica to shame.” Julia Fernandes
Two incidents in the last one week have revealed the dark and ugly side of a human heart. In the first incident I got the news that the owner of a dog abandoned his dog in some remote place. I was shocked beyond words. The dog was not sick or ill; he was a lovable dog full of life and like all dogs had love and loyalty in abundance to give to his owner and to all those who came in contact with him.
This man had bought the dog home when he was a little pup. As the news sank in, I began recollecting how this owner would treat his dog, when he would take him for his morning walk. I did witness the cruelty of this man kicking the dog on several occasions, but not once did I ever think that this owner would abandon the dog one day. 
And what was even more difficult to digest was that the dog was bought when the family was not so well-off, and was abandoned just when the family struck gold overnight through some windfall gains. He abandoned his dog only because he found it too tedious to take care of his dog!
In the second incident, a few days back, while traveling in a train, a frail, old woman from an underprivileged background entered our compartment and was standing at the doorway. Suddenly, a co-passenger spotted her closing her eyes. Upon inquiry we learnt that she was feeling dizzy since she was suffering from diabetes. 
We made her sit down and gave her a piece of chocolate. All of a sudden, she began crying. With tear-filled eyes, she narrated how her two children are not taking care of her and only after her money.
She was on her way to a hospital, unescorted, to collect her medical reports. One kind lady volunteered to accompany her to the hospital while another woman gave her Rs 100, which she vehemently refused, but later on took it reluctantly. 
Both the incidents have one thing in common – human hearts that lack love and compassion, hearts that are so cold that while one could abandon his cute dog, the other hearts could abandon their sick and old mother to fend for herself all alone.
For once, I do not feel proud to belong to the human race!