Trip of Two Hearts

By Julia Fernandes

March 27, 2012


Most love stories usually start from the eyes till the hearts meet. But here is one unusual love story that is entirely scripted by two hearts who have probably known each other from many lifetimes.


Fate brings this girl and guy together under the same roof. Interestingly, neither the girl nor the guy give each other a second glance when their paths first cross each other. Both shrug off each other and continue with their own respective tasks.


But, the hearts of this girl and guy are delighted to find each other. What follows is interesting. The girl and the guy hardly have any interaction but unknown to them their hearts start talking to each other whispering sweet nothings to one another. The guy’s heart would wait for the girl’s heart and the girl’s heart would search for the guy’s heart each time he was absent.


The hearts would talk, laugh, smile, blush and just simply be in love with each other. This continued for several months. On the rare occasions when the girl and the guy had to interact the hearts would be thrilled to be so close. And each time the girl and the guy had to look and talk, something strange would occur.


Both felt deeply comfortable and at ease with each other. Neither knew why. But their hearts knew the reason. The love from the hearts gradually started reaching the eyes. The next time when they had to interact it was the turn of their eyes to communicate the love of their hearts.


They felt at home in the company of each other. Still, the girl and the guy were way off the mark from recognising that their hearts are in love. Time flew and one day they both got separated.


When they both began missing each other they looked deep inside and that is when they realised that their hearts were on their own trip all this while!