How God checkmates
By Julia Fernandes
February 7, 2012
Four months back I had a bad accident, where I lost my front tooth. I kept searching for the right dentist for the restoration of my tooth. Visited many dentists, each forcing me to go for a particular bridge which I did not want to go. For preservation of my other teeth, I wanted a different kind of bridge which no dentist was willing to even consider leave alone do it.
In the midst of all this, after I had rejoined office, I was told that I had to now work in a different location. Nothing could have been more worse than to work in an unfamiliar and new environment with a missing front tooth. The language, culture -- everything was different. Because of my missing tooth, I could not even talk or smile properly with my new co-workers. 
I did not know what to do. I was not happy yet I had to work. I just surrendered myself to God. One day, during lunch hour, I and my female colleague were just taking a stroll down our office building. I happened to see a dental clinic. Next day I visited the clinic. I was hesitant since I did not know this dentist, but I really had no choice.
It turned out that this dentist was the only dentist who respected my decision and was willing to put the bridge which I wanted. I could not believe my destiny. After many visits, exactly after two months, my tooth was finally fixed.
Today, when I look back I realize that God uses people, events and things that happen to us to establish His will and give us the best. It was God’s decision of shifting me here only so that I could find this dentist and do my dental work. Once the work was over, God did not allow me to remain even a single day more because He knew I did not belong here. The following day after I put my tooth, I quit.
When you truly have faith in God and continuously pray, God will never abandon you. God, sometimes remains at the sidelines watching everything that is happening not as a silent spectator but as a loving Father watching all the things that is happening with you.
And at the right time God intervenes to manifest His glory. Contrary to what we may think, God is actually in control of everything. God will allow some clever people to make their moves, but it is He who finally checkmates them.