What is organised evil?

By Julia Fernandes

January 5, 2014


Many of us are aware of the concept of evil. But, how many of us are aware of the concept of organised evil? There is no such thing as chaos in the world, right from nature to man, everything is organised. It is a lesser-known fact that evil exists as much as goodness exists in this world – not in the form of randomness but in an organised way.


The prince of darkness or the dark angel or Satan as he is called, moves about in the most systematic manner prowling around for his targets, which are mostly good people. He selectively chooses people on a low spiritual scale to be used as instruments to carry out his mission on his chosen targets.


Are you one of those people who spread the fragrance of their soul wherever they go or whichever life they touch? Are you one of those kind-hearted, gentle souls with no malice towards anyone in your heart? In other words are you a good person that radiates a gleam of God’s divinity?


If the answer is yes to any of the above questions you can be sure that at some point or the other you will be a target of organised evil. For the simple reason that the devil hates God and all good things and people.


You know you are a target of organised evil when you are hurt without any reason, misunderstood, doubted, ridiculed, and persecuted in different ways despite not hurting anyone. Organised evil does not masquerade in Halloween costumes. The devil often disguises himself in people close to you – it could be your colleague, boss, spouse, lover, children, parents – anyone.


You are attacked not by devilish looking monsters. Sometimes and very often you may not even be aware that you are being attacked by your very own flesh and blood or by the people who mean the most to you. That is how organised evil is! It is an intricate pattern woven amidst the fine line of relationships – and one that is most difficult to detect.


Do not let such attacks dim the light of your soul or make you change your path. Continue to be good. In all circumstances preserve the beauty and goodness of your heart and soul. Do not fight with your loved ones rather fight the devil and his cronies by refusing to succumb to their attacks.


Recognise an attack when you come under it and maintain your cool. And always PRAY. Prayer provides you immunity to a large extent from such attacks. God and his angels will always be with you. 

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