When people attack you
By Julia Fernandes
April 11, 2015
When people attack you what you should do? Attack them back? Nope. First thing to remember is that Earth is a spiritual battleground and Satan has got permission to test all of us, so says the Bible. Every attack, setback, loss, sorrow is nothing but a spiritual test and lesson for us to encounter, face and overcome it.
Attacks can spring from close ones, far ones, known or unknown ones. The most deadly attack is the one that comes from people whom you have lived and grown up with. For it shatters the illusion that your dreams and joys are safe with people you call your very own.
Recently, I went through a heart wrenching experience. Despite being spiritually astute it totally caught me off guard. Being a person who thinks straight and good for all, it took me quite a while to digest crooked intentions of others.
Stages: how to recover?
When you are attacked, the first stage is the shock stage. You are too shocked and stunned. It takes a while to understand just what has happened to you.
The next stage is ‘feeling the pain’ stage. You cannot get healed if you don’t fully feel the pain. Open up, lay bare the hurt, cry, feel the pain in the nook and corners of your heart.
The third stage is the acceptance stage. Once you have accepted what has happened, bind up all your open wounds. The healing process then begins.
The fourth stage is seeing the bigger picture. Whatever happens has an underlying lesson for all of us. Forget the experience, hold on to the lesson.
The fifth stage is the forgiveness stage. When someone hurts or attacks you out of ignorance say this: “Abba Father, please forgive them for they know not what they do.” When someone hurts you intentionally say this: “Abba Father, please forgive them for they know what they do.”
Once you do this, you get the power back in the situation.
Monitor your soul’s progress
Don’t monitor your earthly progress; monitor the progress of your soul. Stay away from backbiting, bitching, idle gossiping, thinking, wishing and speaking ill of others. Strive to be a good soul. Become better and better day-by-day. For when our time is up here, we don’t know which universe we will be travelling. I read in a book that the purpose of our life here is to purify our soul and help others in their spiritual journey.
Don’t let attacks make you a bitter person or change your essence. Remember God is meek, humble and kind. Be like God and make sure you are doing your best to restore His world to the way He wants it to. So, while you are dealing with your mini battles, don’t lose sight of your purpose and goal for what God has sent you down. To improve people, show them the light, to help people become realised beings.
And never forget to PRAY. No matter what, keep up the prayers for yourself and others.
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