Message from the Fifth Sun
By Julia Fernandes
December 20, 2012
For the last few days something really strange is happening. This has never happened before. The sun’s light is constantly hitting my face wherever I go. I feel as if the sun is trying to tell me something or draw my attention. Despite sitting in places where the rays cannot reach me, the rays manage to touch my face and get my attention bypassing crowded places.
Even today morning while I was praying, the sun’s rays were upon my face. Then in the train I was sitting on the fourth seat and again the sun’s light was gently on my face. As I kept shifting from fourth to third seat to second to finally the corner seat, the rays seem to follow me. 
I looked around and the light was on people’s clothes, but none had it on their faces. Even the woman standing at the door of the compartment facing eastwards was comfortably looking out without the rays on her face.
When I checked on the Internet I found out that according to the Mayans, we are currently in the era of the transition that is taking place between the World of the Fourth Sun and the World of the Fifth Sun. Each 5,125 year era is called a “Sun”.
Apparently, we have to overcome darkness and let light emerge. 
Maybe, that is the message the sun is trying to draw my attention to – LET LIGHT EMERGE INTO THIS WORLD.
According to the Mayan, the Fifth Sun will be a time of increasing emphasis on spirituality, reverence for Mother Earth and one another, and balance between positive/negative, male/female, and left and right brain dominance.
If I can add further, maybe the universe is trying to tell us that we need to allow light to emerge not just in the world, but in our hearts, minds and souls in the way we think and feel. 
  • Perhaps, we need to welcome and accept this new LIGHT which will shed fresh understanding in all aspects of our life.
  • Maybe, the universe is asking us to change – and change for the better, to shun our dark ways, our old thinking patterns and adopt light,
  • And get transformed into not better but the best human beings.
I do hope from tomorrow the sun’s light does not shine only upon my face but on the face of our beautiful Mother Earth and on the face of the whole mankind.
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