No high-fashion in Heaven

By Julia Fernandes

September 27, 2011


"Fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are." -- Quentin Crisp


The elite love their brands. Right from the tea they have to the small hair pin they use on their hair, everything is branded and in sync with what is in. A lot of importance is attached to what they eat, drink and wear. Each person tries to outdo the other at social dos and parties flaunting their latest prize catch. The craze for fashion and being seen in the best brands is so much that sometimes we don’t realize when we are guilty of looking down on those who wear or use unbranded stuff.


Among all the exclusive brands I have ever come across in my life, I am tempted to state that the greatest brand which you will not find anywhere else in the world is -- you. Each of us came with an unseen 'Made by God in Heaven' tag. In pursuing the other worldly premium tags we forget that we are the most exclusives in the world.


We are far more unique than all the expensive brands put together. For each of us have been specially crafted and designed by a very loving God who is the greatest designer. Nobody can replicate his designs neither on earth nor in heaven.


Having the best per se is not a bad thing, but succumbing to the demands of high-fashion and becoming a victim is something that each fashion and brand-conscious person should be aware of. Brands create an illusion of exclusivity which lures people to buy it. Everybody wants to have something that the other person does not have. Somewhere the feeling of inadequacy creeps in when we lack the latest possessions.


We rarely realize that the way God has made us He has not made anybody in the same way. In that sense we are already special and rare. No worldly things can make us any more special than what God has already fashioned in us. God’s work is perfect in all of us. As a result, our intrinsic value is far greater than the high-value things we wear or use.


As long as we are on earth the attachment to fashion and brands is fine. But when we die, death does not allow us to carry our designer clothes, high-end cars or watches in Heaven. Everything will be left back here on earth except our souls and deeds. The labels we wear do not really determine who we are. And they will certainly not come handy when we go up there for there is really no high-fashion in Heaven!