Story of an Angel and Princess

By Julia Fernandes

July 19, 2011


(This is a fictional story for all those who are rooted in reality while this is a true story for all those who believe in the power of love).


His name was Haziel, which meant visitor of God. He was one of the gentlest Angels in God’s kingdom. One day God had assigned him the task of taking away the life of a widow who was also a Queen on earth. Haziel saw that the Queen had just one daughter who was wholly dependent on her. He could not understand why would God want to render the young daughter orphan? He felt pity on the young girl. So, he questioned God who in turn told him that things are not always what they seem and that not everything in life has to have answers.


As punishment, God sent Haziel to live as a human on earth and that his punishment would only end the day he realizes this important truth. Haziel quietly accepted God’s punishment and started living on earth as a humble carpenter. Being hardworking, he would resolutely do all his work, not interact much with anybody and usually lie low.


One day after a hard day’s work of cutting wood in the forest, Haziel was returning home when he noticed a young woman sitting in the hot scorching sun selling pretty sunflowers. Haziel noticed something unusual about her. Although, she was plainly dressed there was a certain aura and charm that he found very appealing. He was momentarily drawn towards her. He went up to her and purchased some flowers from her. She seemed very happy that her flowers got sold. They both exchanged mysterious smiles and went their separate ways.


This trend continued for the next couple of months. Daily, Haziel would purchase sunflowers from the flower girl. Over the course he learnt that her name was Taisie, which means one who will rise again. Taisie, too, would eagerly wait for Haziel. They would now walk together to their respective homes, sharing moments of laughter and meaningful talk.


One fine day Taisie suddenly stopped coming to sell sunflowers. Haziel tried searching her everywhere, but he could not locate her. He was filled with sadness and disappointment. One day as he was walking home, a royal carriage drew up near him. He looked up and was shocked to see Taisie -- not as a sunflower girl but as a royal Princess. She gestured Haziel to join her in the carriage and they both rode to the palace. 


When they reached the palace, Taisie revealed to Haziel the cruelty of her stepmother right from the time she was a little girl. The queen wanted the whole share of the kingdom. Unable to bear her stepmom’s torture and fearing for her life, she left the kingdom and began selling sunflowers to sustain herself. It is only after the queen’s death that she decided to come back to the kingdom and take care of her subjects.


When Haziel saw the queen’s photo on the wall, he was shocked. She was the same queen whose life he refused to take away when he was an Angel. He then remembered the words of God -- things are not always what they seem. Had he obeyed God, Taisie would not have had to go through the pain and suffering. 


He said a tearful goodbye to Taisie and promised her that he will always be around her. Knowing that this was the last time he would see her, he quietly walked away. As he was walking away, he realized he had grown fond of her and had begun to love her. He missed her; he wondered why? And then he remembered the words of God again -- not everything in life has to have answers.


Lessons learnt; he became an Angel back again. It was Taisie’s turn now to search for Haziel. She, too, loved and missed him a lot. She searched everywhere but could not find him. Taisie had a garden full of sunflowers. Everyday, she would decorate her basket with the sunflowers and keep it next to her bed. By evening the flowers would become less. 


True to his words, Haziel, as an angel, was always around her protecting and guiding her and doing one more thing -- that of picking up from her basket his daily quota of fresh sunflowers!