Special thanks to Page4
By Julia Fernandes
February 4, 2012
Usually, birthdays are days of happiness, joy and getting gifts. But for me, my last birthday turned out on a sour note. My birthday and the subsequent days were one of the lowest points of my life personally. I remained listless for the next few days. Just when I was all broken, I decided to write a blog and pour my feelings out. I tried one blog, designed a template, but it did not work out. 
My colleague who was sitting next to me, suggested this website: http://www.page4.me/
I had never heard of this site before but I was curious to try it out. I created my website. There were numerous design templates to choose from that I almost took one week to decide which template to select. Such were the array of design and choices! 
I am not a techie, but the user interface was so simple and easy that the creation of the website was a cakewalk. For people like us with little or no resources, it was nothing but God-send.
I started writing my posts, one after the other. And before I knew, Page4 became an integral part of my life. God used me when I was all broken inside to create this website and reach out to the world. I learnt that God can use us best when we are in pieces from within. While the Holy Spirit helped me to write, Page4 gave me the platform.
Eight smooth months have gone by. The customer care and attention is prompt and excellent with almost negligible downtime. I remember when I was struggling with page indent, the CEO, Mr Manfred F. Schreyer, a wonderful man, himself made a video tutorial immediately to explain to me something that was so simple.
I thank the Holy Spirit for enabling me to write. And I thank every single person who has liked and appreciated the stories. 
My special thanks and gratitude to Mr. Manfred for giving people like me a platform to create their own website and to the whole Page4 team for their superlative technical support and resources.
God enables us to make the right choices. It was He who enabled me to choose Page4 that would become His chosen vehicle to spread His message and love. 
God bless everybody….

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