When we bully God…
By Julia Fernandes
August 22, 2012
Do pray but always keep a safe margin for God’s will. –- Julia Fernandes
Yesterday we had a holiday. When I am at home, I become a ready object for my nephew’s adventures, who is more than happy to find me at home. For example, my palms turn into drawing paper for him to scribble. 
He won’t draw flowers and pretty things; he always draws flying dragons and ominous-looking alien creatures. When I look at my palms, the horror-stricken look on my face sends him into peals of laughter. I know my nephew is bullying me, but still I play along.
A thought struck my mind. So many times in life, we, end up bullying God through our prayers, petitions, requests, etc. Despite knowing my nephew was scribbling dragons, I happily and smilingly gave my hand and waited for him to finish his work. 
God does the same. Despite knowing we ask for the wrong things, He patiently waits for us to finish chalking out our plans, and then goes on to wipe it off only to draw the best plan for us. I know of people who pray fervently for things they feel are best for them. Once they get it, they realize, they prayed for the wrong thing. But, by that time it is too late. 
Praying is very good. But, sometimes, through our fervent, repeated prayers and vows, we try to bully God into giving us what we think is best for us. We stress more on what we want and less on what God feels is best for us. God knows when He is bullied! It sure must be hurting Him so much.
We want, pray and ask for so many things from God -- good health, long life, success, happiness, money, prosperity – our list is endless. And what does God want from us? Just one thing – LOVE and only LOVE.
If we see God beyond as a source of provider and giver we will discover that the greatest and the most beautiful thing to ever get in life is the ability and grace to love God as purely and intently as He loves us.

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