If 2020 was the year of mouth, what will 2021 be?

By Julia Fernandes


During the peak of the pandemic, as part of my research,

I came across something very interesting. 


When we entered into 2020 last year, we entered the Hebrew new decade of the 80s, i.e., year 5780, represented by the Hebrew letter ‘Pey’ (פ), which is symbolic of the mouth.


Let me explain. The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters. Any Hebrew letter has three different values; 1) a phonic sound, 2) a numerical value, and 3) a prophetic picture or sign.


The last decade 2010 to 2019 (Hebrew year 5770 to 5779), was the decade of the 70s. In Gematria, the Hebrew letter ‘Ayin’ represents numerical value 70 while its symbol is an eye. Apparently, last year, we left behind the decade of Ayin (seeing) and started the decade of Pey (speaking).


That is why many scholars interpreted 2020 or the Hebrew year 5780 as the year with emphasis on speaking and talking since ‘Pey’ symbol was mouth. But the universe gave us a twist. Our mouth area indeed became the focal point, but for not so good reasons. Instead of speaking or talking, our mouths were shut. We all wore masks covering our mouths!


I researched a lot, but could not find sufficient reasons to understand this paradoxical phenomenon. All I can say is how little we know or understand about signs and omens and our interpretation of knowledge/scriptures is so elementary!


God works on a completely different tangent. As He himself declares in the Bible, “My ways are higher than your ways; my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.”



Let’s look at what 2021 or the Hebrew year 5781 means


We are in the decade of Pey (mouth). So, it is:


80 +1

Pey + Aleph

Mouth + 1 (1 or letter Aleph stands for God)


The basic Gematria for Aleph is one (1) which indicates the one and only God – creator of the universe.


If last year was about the mouth, this year (5781), since 1 is added to 80, many have interpreted that God is with our mouths or words. Will it be about speaking to God or will it be about praying to God for a healing?


Since God is so close, we need to be careful in the choice of our words and chose discernment (when to speak and when to be quiet).


And also to make sure our words are good, true and uplifting since words carry the power to create and manifest what you speak. After all God created every single visible thing using just His words.


It is also said that the next 10 years will probably be the decade of the emergence of new warriors of light (strong and fearless voices) helping the world in this Grand shift working in different areas of our life, such as humanitarian work, healing, spiritual and soul work, health, fitness and wellness, music, education, government, etc.


I do not know how 2021 will pan out. Will it be a year of healing? Can vaccines really be trusted since Pfizer CEO himself has not taken his own vaccine? Will we witness another round of Pandemic 2.0 with the new strain of UK already touted as super infectious by doctors-- 70 percent more than the existing one? Nobody can really guess.


But, no matter what happens in 2021, remember it is all good in the end.


Wishing you all a blessed, safe and happy 2021

God bless you!



Julia smile






Gematria is a system of alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters.


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